Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lip Balm extravaganda!!!!

Somehow my sister and I got two wholesale orders within like two days! So today we made 127 tubes of lip balm. We've never made that much at one time so we felt like it was pretty intense! Since we had to make so much we needed more supplies, so we just ended up spending all the money we made on supplies anyway. We have yet to figure out if we actually make any money. It's fun anyway. I like to make new flavors. I'm thinking a citrus with lemon, orange, and we're going to buy some lime. We also ordered root beer. YUMMY! I also think that we should start a line for men, so we'll probably do that soon. I know, from trying to buy handmade gifts for my boyfriend, that etsy items for guys are in far too short supply, so I think some "manly" scents are needed. Now I'm picturing a very buff muscle man putting on lip balm...hehe