Monday, June 10, 2013

Ajoeynamedroo a little greener!

We've always made an effort to use recycled packing materials.  Recently, I've realized that there are a few more steps I can take to make the shop greener.

First, I've changed the lotion containers to recyclable jars.  I originally picked them based solely on aesthetic value and availability.  I've just kept the same ones without thinking for years.

The new jars are clear for the regular body lotions, and tardis blue for the specialty hand and foot creams.  They looks a little smaller, but I swear, they are still 4 ounces!  They are slightly taller and narrower.

Also, I've decided to stop shrink wrapping.  Heating plastic is bad for the environment and our bodies.  The extra plastic is just going to be peeled off as soon as the customer receives it!