Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Adventures

I have been gone from blogger for a very long time. I will tell you why: first of all, I'm a bit of a lazy bum, second I was in Peru for a month, third I've been somewhat sick for the three weeks I've been back. Bleh. I have medecine now though, and although I have yet to make it out of bed today, I think I'm feeling better. I went to Peru on an Archaeology Field School. I am officially not going to be an archaeologist, but it was interesting stuff anyway. I found a gold bead there, and it was the only gold found (I told you my life is crafty)! I'll post some pictures. Now, my overall impressions of Peru----dogs live on roofs, doors are very short, mountains are obviously very high, grey skies along the coast, and in the highlands one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, although immensely difficult to walk around in because of the altitude, plus everywhere you go seems to be up a mountain, so every step was gasping for air. Oh yeah, also sometimes roofs in Peru stretch over the sidewalk and jump out and punch you in the eye. So, I'm sure there are lots of other impressions I could tell you, but that's all for now. I'll post pictures soon. For your information, I lived in Huanchaco which is a little outside of Trujillo, and visited Cajamarca, which is in the highlands.