Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Full Circle

The friendship/camp bracelet trend is everywhere right now.  I've been somewhat obsessively working on a few of my own little twists on the trend, and frantically trying to get them posted in my shop.  I love mixing mediums and materials, so macrame mixed with all of the other styles of jewelry that I've worked on in the past is just what I've been looking for to get my creative juices flowing.

So yesterday in the midst of all of my mad designing and knotting, I suddenly realized that I am 7 again.  At around that age I bought a Klutz book that had instructions for bunches different types of friendship bracelets.  I got a bit stuck making stripes.  I was 7 after all, and had only just figured out how to braid.  But once I FINALLY figured out the chevron pattern, I was a bracelet making machine.

At the same time in my second grade class, my awesome teacher set up a whole little main street economy.  We worked in pairs at assigned stores.  I specifically remember the bakery (which was obviously the best), but I sold magazines, which was pretty definitely the most boring station.  So...I'm sure you already know where this is friend Valerie and I opened a jewelry business, where we sold top quality friendship bracelets.  I don't remember how popular our shop was, but I do know that it was WAY better than magazines.
I've come full circle.  Here I am at, 24 pursuing my dream at 7.  How could I have forgotten my macrame dreams!  So glad I found them again.