Saturday, January 7, 2012

Designing with Roo

We're changing a few things around the ajoeynamedroo shop.  First, as you can see here, some of our design elements.  "Roo" is making appearances everywhere; the blog, the banner, even the products.  Mitchell, my helpful and talented boyfriend has been hard at work updating everything!  The labels are on their way out 1 by 1.  Here's our first one, Free Love:

It's amazing how invested we've become in the new labels.  They feel like our babies.  So much arguing, compromise, and embarrassingly tears (mine) went into them.  When I saw the actual printed labels, I couldn't stop gushing.  Just like any proud parent, I can't imagine anything more beautiful.

Also expect some changes in our lotion scents in the near future.  We're keeping similar themes, but using mixtures of essential oils to achieve our delicious scents.  Can't wait for our new order of supplies to come in so we can get started!

Look out for our new scent combos in the next few days.