Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who's copying whom?

I forgot, I wanted to tell you on mother's day I went to world market to buy my mom a present (I know, a big handmade no-no, usually I make her a present, but I feel like she must be sick of it (also, the reason I was going on mother's day was that my boyfriend was supposed to get something from Chapel Hill with my $20 coupon (ok, I guess that doesn't make it any better, it just makes me cheap))). Anyway, on with the story, I was going to buy a basket to stuff with goodies, and guess what I found on the basket isle...A LIVE DINOSAUR...not really, I just wanted to prolong the suspense and make the real thing seem way less exciting and emphasize the fact that I know how unexciting my anecdotes are. Really, there were baskets woven out of newspaper and phonebooks and magazines. HEY, worldmarket, how did we have the same idea at vaguely the same time. Obviously you thought of it first because it's already on the shelves, but I didn't see it, I didn't sit in on your meetings. I guess the only thing this story means is that neither one of us are very original. (I knew you weren't and I had my suspicions about me)

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