Friday, January 15, 2010

The Cowl

To me the cowl is as indicative of etsy as a scrabble tile, owls, and sparrows.  In fact, I counted in one etsy finds email and found 5 cowls.  As you can probably tell, I have for a long time had a slight distaste for cowls and etsy's obsession with them.

However, I have come around to the idea of cowls thanks first, to my friend Lauren, who knit me a lovely, soft and comfortable cowl for Christmas that I honestly didn't want to take off; and second, to these fine artists who show that the cowl can manifest in a variety of beautiful and creative ways.

I love the slouchy bohemian appearance of these cowls, and their easy wearability.

  1. Chunky Cowl in Rust  
  2. Oversized Chunky Urban Cowl knitted in a shade of Oatmeal  
  3. Giant PomPom Scarf Cowl 
  4. Winter Nights - Warmest Cowl    
  5. Green Mohair Accordion Scarf - Shawl  
  6. M3S rope scarf in mauve


Anonymous said...

Wooow!What a nice surprise Sarah :)) Great picks.I love it.Thanks so much for my Green Mohair Accordion Cowl.


Rachel said...

I still wouldn't wear the cowls so frequently featured on the FP that are huge enough to engulf your whole head. HOWEVER, you've convinced me they aren't all bad...I really love that green and white one, and the purple one on the bottom.