Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Friendship Giveaway

Friendship is free, and so is a custom bracelet or necklace made by me. Here are the styles that you can choose from  All of the pieces are inspired by the friendship bracelet, but have a sophisticated twist.

To enter the giveaway pick your favorite design, and let me know what your favorite color combo is right now, by commenting below.  Also be sure to leave your email, so I can contact you if you are the winner.  If you are randomly selected, I will make your design for you.

I'm so interested to read your comments.  So get to writing and thinking about color!


.ambre. said...

THis is my favorite in the store:
Right now I'm really loving the colors of storms- blues, greys, and purples. THanks!

Shonda said...

Great giveaway! Love the one pictured, the plum colors.
Thanks, Shonda

Shafiaq hasan Rajuaer said...

I love fingerloop braiding but have a hard time maintaining tension on long braids.
Are there any tips you can give me? Or would it be better to stick to smaller lengths and
then try to join them together through sewing.friendship bracelet

ajoeynamedroo said...

The best way to keep everything nice and tight is to hold the thread you are tying the knot around really straight, so that you can pull the knot tight around it.

Hope that makes sense. I'll try to post some instructional pictures in the next few days.

michelle wong said...

I love the Custom made Friendship Bracelet style

my fav combos are green,brown, and yellow

mwong241 (at) gmail (dot) com