Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Animal Names

Some people have been interested in how I create my animal name art pieces.  There are actually quite a few steps!


First, I find animal images that fit the letters that I'm using, and the theme that I am creating.  The example above are marine animals, and the name is "Andrea."  I use the images to make hand drawn sketches of each animal.  I make adaptations to make the animals look more like the letters needed.  Then, I place each of the letters across my lovely piece of white art paper.


I trace my sketches onto my nice white paper with a leadless mechanical pencil, or sometimes a tiny crochet hook (whichever I run across first).  When I'm done, I have nicely embossed animals, all in white.


 Add Some Color!

The last step is the most fun, and work intensive.  I add color to each of the animals, with high quality artist's pencils.  Each animal takes about 45 minutes to get just right!

...And Andrea's name is done.  Ready for framing and hanging!

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