Saturday, June 26, 2010

crocheting beaded ropes

I've finally finished the raspberry necklace I endeavored in months ago, and I've acquired a new skill in the making of it.  Crocheting beads into this lovely spiral pattern is time consuming, uses a lot of beads, and is difficult to learn, but I must say, I think I'm in love!

It has this wonderful methodical feel to it, and although you are really supposed to string all of the beads first, I find that going back and forth between stringing beads and crocheting them makes the process nice and varied.

This is the video I used to learn this process.  I have a few added pieces of advice.  First, like she says, start with bigger beads.  I didn't do this, and spent a lot of time taking out and redoing.  Second, keep your tread on the inside of the circle and your bead on the outside.  That was the thing that I kept screwing up.

I partially like this video simply for her accent.  I love the way she says "crochet"

My original plan for this necklace was to use real raspberry leaves to make polymer clay replicas.  They turned out far too big, and it just didn't look right.  I was considering trying out making some smaller ones, but I'm thinking I may at long last be finished with this necklace.  What do you think?


EcclecticLadyLand said...

'krosher,'lol. Wow! I have serious respect for your work on that raspberry necklace, esp. now that I see how it's done. I have never been into sewing, knitting, or crocheting, myself. Props to you girl!

Annemarie's Breiblog said...

Lovely! If you like, come visit my blog. I have a Link Party there very Saturday. You can post a picture of something you've made and add a link to you blog. I would love it if you'll add something!