Saturday, June 12, 2010

make your own pop-tarts

Mitchell (the boyfriend) saw some instructions for making your own poptarts on instructables.  I thought it sounded really fun, but of course I had to do it my own way!  I made some when he was here a few weeks and we both really enjoyed them.

The structure of the recipe is simple.  Make pie crust, and fill with whatever jelly you like!

I got the pie crust recipe from here but I'll go ahead and put it into the overall recipe to make it easier.

2.5c flour
1c butter (I used Earth Balance instead)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar (I used honey)
4-8 Tbsp water
assorted jellies

1. cut butter into cubes (or if using Earth Balance, get it out in Tablespoons) and put in freezer to chill
2. combine flour, salt, sugar (if using honey, wait) in food processer
3. add ice water, pulsing between each tablespoon (if using honey, add with water)
4.  put the dough in the freezer

pinch off a bit of dough, and roll it out.  Cut out a rectangle, this is the template I used.  It's a 5in X 6in canister lid.

Place your rectangle on the baking sheet.  Cover half of the dough with jelly, leaving about a half an inch around the edge.

Use a cookie cutter to "stamp" the other side.  Make sure that it leaves a few holes, but try not to completely separate the image.

Fold the top over and use a fork to seal the open sides.


Cook your poptarts at 350 for about 12 minutes.

***Just to give you a few ideas and get your tummy excited, my pastries were: butterscotch and pear sauce, strawberry and chocolate, and superfruit jelly for some good antioxidents.  I simply sprinkled in a few of the butterscotch and chocolate chips.

Another idea is to use different shapes for each flavor.  I used hearts, X's and O's.  It made it so much easier to know what I was eating later.***



EcclecticLadyLand said...

sounds tasty!

Jennifer said...

That is super great!

Rachel said...

Can you freeze them and then reheat in the toaster? That would be a really great alternative to store bought poptarts. Do you think a center filled with the apple butter you put up last summer would work? I want to try these! And yay for having a vegan option!

ajoeynamedroo said...

I think that you can freeze them and reheat them in the toaster oven, although I haven't tried it. I'm not too sure about a toaster, as opposed to a toaster oven since the flaky crust is a bit more fragile than the usual poptart cardboard :)