Wednesday, July 7, 2010

creativity overdrive

TangleCrafts Zine that sounds helpful with
a layout of the author's time, to-do lists, 
and patterns.

I've seen a lot of blog posts in the handmade community about what to do when you encounter a creative block. I certainly think that this discussion is relevant and important. However, the struggle I find that I encounter far more often is way too much creative ambition. Often I want to do everything and I want to do it all at once. I have this great fear of losing my ideas in the great recesses of my head because I could never have enough time to complete all of them.

For me, this experience can sometimes be crippling in a similar way to a creative block. There are far too many exciting things to do, so I find that I can't really settle on anything.  Sometimes I will even end up working instead on an old standard because I feel so overwhelmed. I've attempted to deal with this using an
information ribbon and to-do list, but those (along with most of my historical organization attempts) have fallen by the way-side. Perhaps this process is really a factor of filtering out non feasible or generally bad ideas. I think that is what I am going to choose to believe!

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