Thursday, September 16, 2010

Harvest and Planting For Fall

Although the days are still roasting here in Raleigh, I can still see fall approaching.  The nights are cooling, giving the air that crisp fall feeling in the mornings (even if it's still in the 90's during the day.)

With fall approaching, I was planning on first, getting some long overdue knitting done, hopefully in time for cool weather.  Second, I was considering trying some fall crops.  Although most people think of fall as the time for harvesting, it can also be time to plant.  I'm hoping I still have time to plant some of the yummy leafy greens that grow this time of year.  (If you're a gardener, and have any tips PLEASE let me know.  I am quite the novice :P)

Here's my treasury to celebrate fall as not only the time for harvest, but also for planting!  Please click the photo to see the items up close and personally.  Then comment and click away in the etsy treasury.  I really like this one, and would love to see it have at least a little success!

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