Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pick Our Newest Lip Balm Flavor

The results are in!  We asked you for suggestions for a brand new lip balm flavor, and you gave us some fabulous ideas!  We have the results of our randomly selected contestants.  The selected comments are numbers 69, 68, 16, 39, 47.

The delicious flavors suggested in these comments are listed in a poll below.  Please vote on your favorite selection early and often!  The poll closes at midnight on Sunday Sept. 12th.

The person who suggested the winning flavor will win three lip balms of his or her choice, PLUS one lip balm in the winning flavor.  Feel free to spread the word on facebook, blogs, or twitter.    

Choose Our Next Lip Balm Flavor!
Cranberry Orange
Cherry Pink Sugar
Coconut Mango
Peach free polls

Thanks for all of the wonderful suggestions!  Even if you were not lucky enough to be randomly selected, your suggestion could still come to fruition.  We'll be sure to look through all of the comments for inspiration :)

As always stay tuned to the blog and etsy shop for our newest products, shop news, and other tidbits!

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ajoeynamedroo said...

ssheila, your suggestion was randomly selected. Please comment with your email address, so you can be included in the contest!