Saturday, March 9, 2013

Coupon Codes for YOU!

I'm so glad to have kept ajoeynamedroo open.  I love the products, and so do our wonderful loyal customers!

I thought that I wanted to quit the business because everything in my life was changing.  The shop turns out to be one element of stability.  I love that I can give people the products that make them feel great about themselves.  Each and everything that I ship from ajoeynamedroo really is made with love, like it says on the label (although now it's made with love in Asheville).  A huge thank you to all of the amazingly loyal customers, and those of you who are giving the products a try for the first time.

To celebrate the continuation of ajoeynamedroo use the coupon code BACKINBLACK1 for 10% off at check out.

Also check out my shop with accessories (jewelry, scarves, headbands...) use code SPRINGYRSTEP for 10% off.

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