Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Sale

I haven't talked about the ajoeynamedroo bath & body shop in a while, but I am hard at work bringing my stock back up to snuff.  Yesterday, I made a batch of Floral Bouquet just in time for spring.  I've decided to put it on sale to celebrate the approaching warm weather!

Usually floral scents are not my favorite, but since this one is all natural, it doesn't have any of the cloying top notes that have turned me off of florals in the past.

The Floral Bouquet scent really does have a full bouquet.  It starts with a base of the nutty, sweet scent of cocoa butter.  To that I add just a hint of woodsy cedar essential oil.

For the florals I add the richness of jasmine essential oil, romantics of rosewater, and the delicately intoxicating scent of ylang ylang essential oil.

To top it off with a bit of citrus, I add lemon essential oil.


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