Monday, February 8, 2010

Always more treasures!

When it comes to treasuries Rachel (the other sister in the ajoeynamedroo team) and I seem to always be on the same page.

The same page in that every time I'm ready with a treasury, she snatches it up!  One time I was literally about to type my treasury's title and it suddenly disappeared.

How can I be angry though when what appears is always interesting and unexpected.  Here's the newest combo from the creative mind of Rachel:

To the Circus! (suck it winter)

Click the image to find out more and comment... please.  Stay tuned for my treasury, which will hopefully appear soon!


Rachel said...

Haha, whoopsie daisy! We need to get on a schedule and coordinate or something. Your new treasury is very pretty though! Don't forget to add it to the facebook collection!

ajoeynamedroo said...

No biggie. It was my own fault for not being on the ball enough!