Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rosy Fingered Dawn

So I stayed up kind of late last night, and woke up before "rosy fingered dawn" approached to finish my paper, only to find out that my first class is canceled!  I'm already awake, so I figured that I'd use this little bit of stolen time to post my additions to my Dusky Glow treasury. 

I'm calling this mini treasury Rosy Fingered Dawn.  My boyfriend loves classics and has told me (maybe a couple of times :P) about how this is a common phrase in Homer.  It is a lovely image, if I'd thought of it, I certainly would have used it more than once too!

  1. greenislandstudios 
  2. pdlugos  
  3. calloohcallay  
  4. MountainMist 


MountainMist said...

Beautiful selections! And what a beautiful title for your mini treasury. Thanks for including my capelet!

Rachel said...

front page worthy, for sure!