Tuesday, October 19, 2010

0 Sales

Our newest etsy store, ajoeynamedrooTOO has been open since July, and we are still sale-less.  I've tried improving pictures, and I've started listing almost everyday, but the wait has been difficult.

I wish that I knew why my jewelry isn't selling.  I like my products, so it seems like someone else out there must like them too.  I think that they are unique, and reasonably priced.  There is A LOT of handmade jewelry out there, which I know makes it hard to compete.

One of my goals for the holiday season is to create products that are uniquely me.  Things that are unmistakably ajoeynamedroo TOO!

How many sales do you have?  What have your strategies been for success?


GiGi said...

Your shop is adorable. I've been slow in the last couple of weeks. Are yoiu advertising for Halloween? Have you tagged anything Halloween and twittered anything?

ajoeynamedroo said...

Thanks Gigi. I have a few Halloween tagged items, and of course I can always do more tweeting! Thanks for reminding me to stay active.