Thursday, October 21, 2010

Podcast Loves

Although crafting does take a lot of concentration, I find it's one of the few things that I can multi-task on.  I think it's because I sink into a timeless zone, where it's best if I don't think too hard.

Anyway, there's nothing that I love more than going on a craft binge while listening to podcasts.  If you're looking to expand your brain and be entertained while you create, try out my top ten favorite podcasts

1. This American Life
It tops all the podcast lists, but what can I say... it totally deserves it.  Absolutely THE BEST!

2. Radio Lab
It makes me feel like I understand science!  Also challenges the way I look at the world.  I really like the topics and studies they cover

3. Stuff You Missed in History Class
I love history, as readers might know.  This podcast fills my need for crazy and interesting historical topics.  Also Katie and Sarah are super cute and personable.

4. The Moth
You never know who will be talking about what, but the stories are ALWAYS entertaining.

5. New Yorker Fiction
Authors pick their favorite short stories, read them, then discuss what they like about them, and why they find them valuable.  The stories are always so well picked, and short stories are where it's at!

6. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
Always funny and informative.  Where would we be without zany news stories?

7. Stuff You Should Know
More funny than informative.  Chuck and Josh are great together.  Their personalities fuel the show.

8. Studio 360
Great interviews with interesting people.  I also love the focus on art and design in many of the shows.

9. All Songs Considered
The first place I hear most of the music I end up loving.  Start with one of the round-table discussions.  You won't be disappointed.

10. Selected Shorts
I love short stories!

This should be a good start for the avid crafter in search of knowledge and entertainment.  All of these podcasts are available on itunes.  Also, if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know.  I'm always in search of a good podcast.

Happy listening!

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