Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Etsy Holiday Success - Week 3 (& more)

Week 3 of Etsy Holiday Success has a few good tips.  I'm not going to post pics of my tiny notebook this week.  I'm just going to tell you the interesting parts this time!

1. Fill in the Blank

Basically this is a to do list.  My to do list is a 2 parter.  The first part are daily etsy activities

  • take pictures
  • improve pictures (using models)
  • edit descriptions (make them a little more engaging and interesting)
The second part are ideas for the shop that I need to start working on.  This part of the to do list is project oriented
  • create a jewelry tree for craft fair display
  • create gift boxes from greeting cards, and handmade paper to accent

 This article basically argues that success comes from listening to your real wants, and believing in yourself.  My favorite quote from the article was

"Be the you who doesn't go for perfection, but

 goes for authenticity and uniqueness."

3. Get a head start on your holiday stock

This one's pretty obvious, but also difficult.  Right now I'm working on a few recycled pendants using bottle caps and a more moderately priced cowl.  

One of the most difficult things about maintaining an etsy shop is creating while marketing, and this is even more evident during the holidays.  I think success is about planning and perseverance, which can be more difficult than it sounds!

I also came across Timothy Adam's 50 Questions For Etsy Sellers

Here are the most valuable things I found in this long questionaire:

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