Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Human Voice

I've been working hard the last few weeks to improve the way our new etsy shop looks and feels.

First, I read an article about turning the product into a story, instead of just a description.  It has been difficult to do for all of my products, but a few of them already had a story waiting to be written.  Here's my favorite one, it's about my raspberry necklace:

"One day in early summer I was walking home from class. I noticed that the leaves of the vine all around me looked very familiar. I looked closer, and there were tiny green berries waiting to turn red. I watched them for the next two months, and had the privilege of eating the first ripe little jewel on the bush.

The hidden jewel of a tiny raspberry, and the very idea that you can find such a beautiful and yummy fruit growing wild inspired this necklace.

The necklace captures the first raspberry of the season, surrounded by the vine's flowers, which will soon be berries as well.

The small raspberry is strung together in a circular pattern out of tiny seed beads and topped with a silver accent. The raspberry hangs in the center of the necklace, surrounded by two handmade polymer clay blossoms in pale white.

The center piece of the necklace hangs off of a lovely spiraling rope that I made by methodically crocheting seed bead by seed bead. It is an incredibly time-consuming process, but it produces a lovely & delicate (yet sturdy) chain. The chain combines shades of green, cream, and raspberry red."

I love the idea of selling a story as well as a product.  That's what handmade is about.  I'm not sure how many people will read the WHOLE story.  I'm working on cropping it down a little, but hopefully even in skimming it I will come through to the reader.

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