Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Etsy Treasury East

 (My previous mini treasury, fleshed out into a big girl treasury)
click to see it in action!

Etsy has premiered in beta, the new treasury east.  It is in a land of unlimited treasuries without expiration.  Initially I was amazed and excited, but then I realized, there has to be a catch...

Never again will I have to sit by my computer, antsy to see the magic number of 332.  Never again will I have to organize my day around when the treasury is opening.  Never again will I have a beautiful treasury just waiting in poster sketch for the rare opportunity to be published for a mere 2 days.

It's just a little too good to be true.

Then I made one.  I like the new set up, there's more space, and if you don't feel like filling up all the spaces, there aren't just blank holes.  I struggled with making my treasury publish (you have to hit enter, simple enough, but I'm very stuck in the old ways of treasury).  No big deal, just small changes to get used to.

The real problem showed it's face a little later.  I made this treasury 2 days ago, and it has approximately 2 views.  I didn't contact all of the featured artists.  I decided that with the high frequency of never-ending treasuries that could actually be a little like spamming (etsy has always said that contacting the featured artists is spam.  Wha-what?).  I did post it on twitter.

The problem seems to be that unless you launch a full on campaign, it's very difficult to get seen among the masses in an unlimited space.  It's a problem that seems to be showing up across etsy, as the community grows larger and larger.

So, there are positives and negatives with the new treasury system.  Along with all of the other changes that etsy is making, I'm sure we have yet to see all of the many ways that it may rock our little etsy world!

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