Monday, April 19, 2010


There's a new show on TLC about people who hoard.  Their houses are wall to wall covered with stuff.  My friend Elizabeth was talking about how she saw an episode where the husband was saying that he simply couldn't understand his wife's behavior.

Elizabeth and I were talking about how we really could identify.  Not that either one of us are real hoarders, but I can certainly start to understand these people.  I am awful about collecting things for craft projects that I never get around to.  Often I don't even have something specific in mind, I just feel that some day it could be useful.

The later is the case with can tabs.  I've been collecting them for too too long.  But I have finally found an excellent use for them!

click to check them out

Now I just need to use the various interesting paper, cardboard, and plastic bags that I have collected.  I simply love the idea of making something pretty out of what could be trash!  Too bad it means that I have junk all over the place.

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