Saturday, May 29, 2010

craft fair tips

I am quite a craft fair newbie myself.  My sister and I are going to our second fair EVER on July 11th.  To prepare, I've been scouring the internet for tips and advice to help our next event go off without a hitch.  I decided to compile a few of my favorite tips and ideas that we will certainly be using at our next fair
  1. Levels: Most of the lists of tips I saw recommended creating levels on your table.  It makes the space look less cluttered and also makes it easier to see all the items.  As ugabuga bowls mentioned, another great thing about using boxes or crates under your table cloth is that it creates cubbyholes, to store all of your behind the scenes needs.
    • Also Gina advised in a comment on an earlier past, rotate your products to keep it from getting cluttered, and keep it interesting for repeat viewers
  2. Marketing: One of the most important things about craft shows is getting your name out there.  Craft show connoisseurs have a number of great tips---
    • LOTS of business cards
    • email list so you can let people know about new items, or other craft shows you'll be attending (Christie Cottage recommends putting your shop name on your pens so they can advertise for you in case you lose a few)
    • booklets or postcards with some of your past work and of course all of your info!
    • big banner with your shop name
    • The Indie Craft Fair Guide advises putting up a sign that says so if you are willing to do custom orders- people may not want to ask if you look busy
  3. Decor: Everyone agrees, this is one of the best ways to make people notice you, and to convey your style.  Here are a few ideas--- 
    • make your shop look homey-flowers, real, or fake; dishes to house your products...
    • bring in the public with free samples if you can, or free candy/food- this I know from experience, people love free stuff.  Put your info on handouts, so it's like a business card
    • put out a laptop or digital picture frame with a video of you making your products, a commercial, or a slideshow.
    • actively craft if you can- it can be really interesting to see the artist at work!  
    • Decorative banners- I love the little triangle banners myself, too cute!
  4. Don't forget!
    • bring plenty of water- with all the selling you'll be doing, you may need it! (great reminder, promopixie)
    • receipt book- not a necessity, but may be handy for later
    • labels for all your wares- Christies Cottage recommends printing out your list of items from etsy or artfire, so it already has pricing, then just cut them out and tape them on!
    • change
    • tape
    • pens/markers
    • bags/boxes for purchases
These are only a few of the MANY tips I found.  For more great ideas, check out these blogs

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