Thursday, May 27, 2010

Promotion is Beautiful

I've decided to start a new guild on artfire.  In order to be approved it needs at least 5 members.  I've invited a few people, but it hasn't happened yet.  Let me know if you'd like to join.  At the moment I have to invite you.  This guild is: Promote the art you love, and don't feel bad about not promoting what you don't.  Art is subjective.  Be as involved as you want to be.  Forums should help you out, not stress you out.  Here are the pieces:  Banner:

  Description:Any kind of support within the handmade community is valuable. Promotion of handmade shops not only drives traffic our way, it also provides support for a fellow artisan. One of the most rewarding things about having another artisan promote your shop, is the knowledge that a peer supports and values your work. This guild is about supporting the art that you love and believe in. It is about being honest and subjective in promoting, and letting artists know that you love their work.  Mission: To support the artisans and the handmade community by giving honest feedback, and promoting art we believe in.  It's all about love and beauty! 

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