Wednesday, May 26, 2010

photography all her own

Lesleypayne is the next featured artisan awaiting sales at artfire.  Lesley is a photographer with the kind of style you could recognize out of a crowd.  I love her black and white images that focus on texture with the absence of color.  The stark contrasts of the black and white allow subtle textures to blast through!  Lesley's photography also focuses on shadows, making an object seem soft or hard through use of light.  Lesley's black and white images have a sort of creepy vibe to them that is quite excellent! 

The other one of Lesley's photographs that I especially love is The Sailor and His Sweetie.  The photograph is reminiscent of the classic WWII photo V-J Day in Times Square.  That photo is an epic depiction of an epic time.  I like Lesley's photo especially in contrast to that classic photo.  Instead of an epic representation of American life, Lesley's photo captures daily romance, a touchingly private moment shared between two people.

Lesley's work is pretty obviously unique.  One of the things that makes her stand out is her choice of materials and equipment

I stand out in handmade websites because I still use film.  Digital photography is less costly, but I will always love the process of developing and printing my own film.  Developing every roll is like opening a present!

A lot of the objects I choose to photograph because of texture.  For my series of abstract images the form and non-reflective surfaces are important.  My goal is to make timeless images weather it's digital or film medium.  

With so many choices of online marketplaces, I am interested in why people choose to sell on artfire.

I was drawn to artfire because people can purchase items without having to go through the process of creating a user name.  The creators seem genuinely interested in helping sellers are developing new features all the time.

I agree that artfire seems very much to be seller focused.  The administrators are active in the forums and quick to address any issues that sellers have with the site.

Stay tuned to Lesley's shop for more developments

In late may I will start offering silver prints and fine art images as postcards.  Images of London and Paris are coming soon.

Where to find lesleypayne

I have a store at Etsy
I am participating in Market Day Iowa Aug-Nov. (series of Satuday art markets)
Everyday is one day closer to not having to sit a cubicle.

I think we all hear you on that front, Lesley.  Lots of luck to Lesley, and remember to go check out her shop.

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