Monday, May 3, 2010

a focus on distractedbyshiny

In perusing the artfire forums I found a great post where users could post their shop if they had zero sales.  I posted my shop, encouraged by the fact that I am not the only one!

Some of these sellers have some really great items, that are definitely just waiting to be discovered.  I looked through the list and picked out a few of my favorites to feature on the blog.

First up is distractedbyshiny

I was attracted to this shop first by the name and then of course by all the shiny!  One thing I love about this shop is the variety of shapes and styles of her fused glass jewelry.  When selling one type of craft it's easy to get stuck in a rut, but distractedbyshiny obviously tries something new with each piece.
KC told me a little about how she got started with fusing glass and her shop distractedbyshiny.  I love her story, it has a great do it yourself feel, and I can totally identify with her difficulty throwing anything away!

I am a collector - not of fine art or antiques - a collector of STUFF.....stuff that I can't throw away because I know that "Someday I'll find a use for that" or stuff that I can't part with because "I can make something out of that".  I come from a very artsy crafty family - and a family of "collectors".  

When we cleaned out my mother's house, I came across a box of dichroic glass pieces.  I had never worked with glass and had no idea what I would do with this stuff, but it was WAY too cool to throw out and I knew someday I could make something out of it!!  So, after reading about fusing on the internet, I decided to put some pieces together and throw them in my kiln.  I was instantly HOOKED! 
In the beginning I was using my old ceramic kiln.  I would load up the kiln every night and in the morning I couldn't wait to open the lid to see how everything had come out.  It was like Christmas morning...every morning!  I've moved to a glass kiln that fires quicker so I don't have to wait as long to see my results, but it is always a big surprise to open the lid and see what's inside.  I am constantly experimenting with different technique - some work well...others...well.....But the experiments keep things fresh and keep my work evolving.  

 It's great work, and I'm looking forward to her new evolutions in the future!  Be sure to check out distractedbyshiny's shop to see what other lovely fused glass jewelry she has in stock.


Natasha Suter said...

Loved your blog feature ♥ Looking forward to discovering more new shops with you!

Distracted by Something Shiny said...

This is so sweet!!! Thank you so much for featuring my shop!

Rachel said...

I love that last necklace - so cool!