Saturday, May 15, 2010

What's in a name?

An interesting topic on the artfire forums about where your username came from.  I thought I'd share my story, and I'd love to know about yours too!

There are so many interesting screen names online, and I wanted to create my own. This was before I started my etsy, so basically I wanted something clever for my various online presences.  I ensued the help of my boyfriend, his was TheRiskyShift, which I thought was pretty cool.  We had a brainstorming session, and I finally came up with ajoeynamedroo.  It seemed to pop into my head out of nowhere (say divine intervention?)

I think that my name fits me and my creations well.
1. The kangaroo is my favorite animal because I love that it's so hoppy and energetic.
2. My sister and I watched Winnie the Pooh as children, and I really like the artwork of old pooh.
3. Finally, the a boy named Sue reference, was simply me trying to be clever!

All together, I hope that my name reflects my artwork; energetic, classic, whimsical, and clever!

Where did your name come from?


ajoeynamedroo said...
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ajoeynamedroo said...

Thanks Ecclecticladyland. Both of your names are awesome too. They would certainly make me click!

ajoeynamedroo said...

Sorry Ecclecticladyland, I accidentally deleted your comment when I was trying to delete my own. Doi. Here's what she said and a link to her blog: has left a new comment on your post "What's in a name?":

I love that name, it's adorable and catchy. Ecclectic LadyLand resembles a Jimi Hendrix album and Drunken Mimes is from an Incubus song lyric.