Saturday, May 1, 2010

adventures in lighting

Here's my simple little light studio.  I made the light box out of a simple cardboard box, and taped tracing paper on the top and sides.

There are instructions for light boxes all over the place, but the reason I took this photo is to show you the lamp.  I found that this adjustable multiple light lamps are really handy to adjust surrounding light.  I already had it hanging out in my living room, and it hit me one day that it would be perfect for photo taking.

My light box is a little flimsy and I still have to use picasa to improve the lighting in my photos.  But I do think that I'm making my way closer and closer to some great photos!


Jade Carver said...

This is cool! I never thought about making my own lightbox... then again it's been months since I did any 'serious' photography.

ajoeynamedroo said...

You should definitely try it out. It's super easy. I used tracing paper for mine, but tissue paper is supposed to work well too. Good luck!